New Music Roundup

Struggling to keep up with new music? ‘Fraid that your Boomer is showing? Have no fear! The staff at .WAV is here with a list of new and noteworthy music to help you stay Young and Fresh! Keep a look out for .WAV’s New Music Roundup every Friday and sometimes Saturday. Giddyup.

Here Comes The Cowboy Demos – Mac DeMarco

Released through Mac’s Record Label

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Mac Demarco just dropped a new series of demos. So cuff your jeans to your knees, fasten your cigarette firmly between the gap in your teeth, and saddle up, cowboy.

I’ve always been a sucker for Mac’s demo tapes, and this one’s no exception. Maybe it’s the sound of birds chirping out Mac’s window getting picked up in “Preoccupied”, maybe it’s the much improved version of “Choo Choo” sans the previously unavoidable train whistle. Overall, there’s this sense of warmth and earnestness to the recordings, you can hear his chair creaking as he leans forward in it, and you can almost smell Mac’s stale breath as he croons directly to you. When compared to the colder, more despondent studio versions, the effect produces something lighter, more pastel colored, like walking through a patch of greenery on a breezy blue Sunday. 

Jake Davis

Whole New Mess – Angel Olsen

Released through Jagjaguwar

Angel Olsen’s Whole New Mess embodies the raw and real emotions of recovery. While it is mostly composed of bare, early recordings of All Mirrors, featuring only two new tracks, it is entirely its own being. This stripped down, reverb-heavy, intimate masterpiece deserves a listen in the dark, preferably by a campfire or alone in your room. If you loved All Mirrors and wanted more, this is it.

Delaney Faherty

C’mon Les’ Go – Les Sins

Released through Company Records

Les Sins is finally back. After a 6 year hiatus, Toro y Moi resurrects his electronic-focused side project, coming together with New York DJ AceMo for a brand new 5 track EP. C’mon Les’ Go is 18 straight minutes of trancey, trip-hoppy, vibes with deliciously hypnotic basslines and snappy 808s. If you loved his 2014 album Michael, this project will be a guaranteed hit. It’s endlessly groovy, perfect listening for the final days of this very strange summer we’re having. Really an excellent listen, cannot recommend any stronger.

Colin Brunson

“rue” – girl in red

Released through AWAL Recordings

Fans of girl in red (Marie Ulven Ringheim) will be happy to know that the first single from her highly anticipated debut album was released yesterday. The song is called “Rue”, named after the character on Euphoria, and it explores mental illness, both in people that Marie knows and in herself. The melody feels melancholy and hopeful at the same time, and the lyrics tell the story of wanting to get better for the sake of one’s friends and family. The moving song and her extensive repertoire of other singles will just have to tide fans over while they await the release of her new album (details not yet known).

Isabel Lerissa

“Coco Mango (FloFilz Remix)” – MF DOOM

Released through Redefinition Records

FloFilz took MF DOOM’s Coco Mango and diluted it over a jazzy, lo-fi beat. The original CM is classic DOOM. Full boom-bap with signature high-pitched violin chords interluded between idiom-filled verses. FloFilz’s remix, however, follows a typical lo-fi structure. It starts off with old-timey, ‘50s-esque audio over a light horn (maybe a flute?), then, once DOOM starts his verse, the instrumentals quickly transition to a distorted, jazzy piano over a soft, repetitive, boom-bap beat. The integrity of the song remains, but DOOM’s verse feels lost in the lo-fi mold. The highlight is the flip at the end. Around the 2 minute mark, spooky, organ-sounding keys riff until the song fades out. It is somewhat reminiscent of DANGERDOOM, DOOM’s project with Gorillaz under the moniker Danger Mouse. In this way, the element of spook is nostalgic. Overall, the release feels subpar, but I’ll take any rendition of DOOM I can get.

Delaney Faherty

This article was compiled by .WAV Staff members Jake Davis, Delaney Faherty, Colin Brunson, and Isabel Lerissa. Delaney Faherty created the graphic.