Monthly Music Roundup — March 2022

Another month, another article about some remarkable music that you might have missed. If you’re reading this, welcome back. It’s nice to have you on our site again and the .wav family wishes you blessed eardrums and a Daft Punk reunion tour.
Our marketing team was nice enough to write some fun words about some albums they found noteworthy. Stick around for awhile and check out what they have to say. These folks have pretty great music taste, I think.


Peach Pit’s newest album From 2 to 3 was released in March, and is definitely getting us ready for chill summer nights. This album is toned down, with many of the songs feeling warm, mellow, and spacey which sets it apart from the upbeat, teenage-angst-ridden indie rock found in Peach Pit’s past albums. Dreamy songs such as the title track ‘From 2 to 3’ and ‘Give Up Baby Go’ show off advancements in Peach Pit’s lyricism and storytelling while upbeat songs like ‘Drip on a Wire’ give the album its few fast-paced moments. Despite differences from past albums, From 2 to 3 is quintessentially Peach pit and this album is still oozing with the colorful guitar arrangements and vocals that listeners have learned to expect. If you love Peach Pit, you’ll love this album. Make sure to keep an eye out for songs from From 2 to 3 on your favorite summer playlists.


Benee’s 2022 album, Lychee, has personally been in my rotation since the day it came out. “Beach Boy” kicks of the album with a smooth and catchy tune that can easily be stuck in listeners’ heads for days. Following up is “Soft Side”, produced by none other than The Cave producer, Kenny Beats. Along with “Make You Sick”, these two songs incorporate techno elements that may take listeners a bit by surprise, but still maintain Benee’s bedroom dreamscape singing abilities all throughout. My personal stand out song is “Marry Myself”, as Benee paints a picture that is pretty hilarious as a third party bystander. Aside from this, the song has a danceable beat and chorus that is fun to sing along to. Give the album a try, and if yah like it, try listening to FIRE ON MARZZ too!!


Before I begin, I have something embarrassing to say… Anthony Fantano was the reason I started to listen to Charli XCX two years ago. He posted his yearly rankings and ranked her self-titled album, Charli, as his number one of the year. Very intrigued, I gave it a listen, and I have been a fan ever since. Yes, looking back I understand that she has been a star long before that album, and I always knew of her but never gave her albums a listen…that’s my loss. But hey, now, I see how incredible of a star she is, and this latest album shows it. Talk about an album with zero skips; every song on this LP is an anthem that can be played at the pregame, the party, the after party, and over the speakers at your favorite department store. From the seductive and high-tempo, Baby, to the more laid back and catchy track, Yuck, Charli flexes over and over again that she is the Queen of pop music. At a mere 33 minute run time, this album is currently in my personal album of the year running, and it should be in yours too.


Denzel Curry’s newest album Melt My Eyez See Your Future released on March 25th and is filled great lyrics, features, and production. Denzel Curry has been one of the most consistent rappers of the last ten years releasing quality album after album all while doing this independently. Some producers and artists that produced a few songs from his newest album include Kennybeats, JPEGMAFIA, and Thundercat among many others. Some big name features include Rico Nasty, slowthai, and T-Pain (the autotune king who rhymed mansion with Wisconsin). Denzel has stated that his inspiration for this project came from things like martial arts, The Roots, and cinema like Star Wars and Akira Kurosawa films which all influenced him to be more creative for his album and music videos. If you love any of these things, check out the album.


Alex G’s recent release of “End Song” is part of the soundtrack he created for the Sundance debuted film, “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair” released in 2021. This horror-drama movie was intense and melancholy, leaving the viewer yearning for more. And Alex G delivered by composing the perfect moody music to accompany it. His repetitive tempo and guitar strum mixed with echoing vocals give the listener a deep feeling that seems to resolve near the end of the track when a brighter synth is added and the guitar has more variety. Being the last track, it is a huge component of the lasting effects the film has on the audience. It starts out mirroring the questions of “what” that the viewer has right as the song starts, but as the cinematography progresses, the music does also, to a feeling of acceptance. As someone who was able to watch the debut of “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair” last year, I remember being so engulfed in the storyline, and the soundtrack was a big component of that. I was blown away by Alex G’s performance and ability to complement the film with his music. Although only “End Song” was available in March, now, the entire soundtrack has been released and the film is set to release on HBO on April 22, 2022, if you want to experience it all for yourself.

.WAV’s Marketing Team complied this list. Will Dalton is on .WAV’s Art Team. He made the art.