.wav zine volunteer staff and membership

A volunteer staff member chosen for .wav zine plays a critical role in bringing engaging content to our zine and website, helps create playlists, host events, work with local companies, manages social media accounts and more. Volunteer staff are valued members of .wav zine, and extremely important to the operations of the zine. Responsibilities of each volunteer staff member vary by what team they are assigned to, but there are general responsibilities that every volunteer staff member must follow. Department responsibilities are determined by the department manager and will be communicated to each volunteer staff member.

general responsibilities
  • Membership and Contributors is an unpaid position and on a volunteer basis. 
  • Staff members must attend general meetings when they are scheduled. 
  • Staff members must act with dignity and respect to other staff members and the public, as they are de facto representatives of .wav zine. 
  • Staff members must regularly contribute to their primary department, and must carry out any tasks they volunteer for. 

Being involved in .wav zine is a rewarding experience, and we are proud of the incredible, brilliant volunteers we have. .wav zine is not only an opportunity to build your experience and resume, but also a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can come together and learn from each other.